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British citizens and all third country non visa nationals working in the arts (all sectors) into the EU

Working permit/visa requirements, for UK nationals and all other third country nationals for work within the EU.
NB. if you have legal residency in the EU you may work in that country only without any restrictions.

First and foremost, UK citizens will still be able to visit the Schengen area without the need for any visa as long as that visit does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period. Yes, that means you! If you're a British Citizen or another third country national living in the EU. This normally only gives you the right to work in your host state and your country of citizenship.

JUNE 2021, for UK citizens, the UK, having concluded a deal with the EFTA countries, will now have potentially different access rights for work for creatives/creative workers or others. We do not know at this time what this means as the details have yet to be released. This is also true of other areas we cover here, such as import and exports. We will update this as soon as we have more detail from official sources. For clarity, EFTA covers Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.
More follows!

Now that being said does that mean I can still work without restrictions in the EU 27?
Nope, sorry, BUT in many states with a minimum of fuss you'll be able to for a variable amount of time, from 7 days in any one year to 90 days without a permit or visa. Some states less some more.

We now know the deal the UK govt. has secured, whatever you feel about it (remember we are an apolitical site). We also need to say, from speaking to many experienced contacts in the industry, that regulations are enforced variably across different territories. HOWEVER, we must stress you should ALWAYS abide by and respect local laws and regulations regarding your stay and work in any country; respect is key for working in our neighbours' homelands.

The picture is mixed; we're publishing this information to put minds at rest and welcome feedback - if we've got it wrong then please do get in touch. It's an evolving picture as time goes on and not as forlorn as many would paint it for creative workers. I know most would prefer this not to be happening, but we need to accept the UK has left the EU and now need to work with the best knowledge possible to keep everyone working.

One last thing to say is that the EU does not specify generally for individual member states work permit or visa requirements for WORK for third country nationals, which is why there is so much variance between sovereign EU states. It's in this context you should read this page.

Also, please NOTE none of this affects the need for an ATA carnet which IS necessary for all equipment used in a professional context.

This is the new European system similar to the USA's ESTA programme and will require third country nationals to register, but at time of writing this is not in place though is expected to be by the end of this year, 2021. The legal procedures to pass the ETIAS started in 2016, and the system is expected to be launched on January 1, 2022. It will, however, become completely effective and obligatory for travellers only by the end of 2022. We will expand on this more when it's nearer to being implemented.
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The following information is for your reference only and does not constitute legal or immigration advice.

Work permits/Visas and taxation for third county nationals working in temp work (arts)

Up to 4 weeks allowed; check the exception box on source material
Up to 90 days allowed with no requirement to apply to enter with exceptions (varying regional differences, also if artists of international renown no need to apply for permit).
Unclear for short term work at the moment, however Freelance workers can obtain a Freelance Activity Permit for up to 12 months prior to arrival.
30 to 60 days a year are free of the requirement of a work permit or residence permit for creative arts workers and support staff (check under article 83) but you MUST complete a work registration certificate, approx £40.00, at a police station or local government office.
Republic of Cyprus
Done through local employer for short term work
Czech Republic
Exemption for artists whose performance in the Czech Republic does not exceed 7 consecutive days or 30 days in total per calendar year.
Up to 90 days allowed BUT may also require visa (please check on link page on link to "What are special individual circumstances?")
Up to 6 months FREE. Must register with border police (Note 106 on the page link: Registration of short-term employment in Estonia).
You need to have an invitation to work in Finland or have signed a contract to work maximum of 90 days status as professional artist, coach or athlete, or a member of an assistance or support team for such a person. (Note: this includes CREW)
Up to 90 days permit free
Up to 90 days permit free
Currently there is an exemption in place for "one performance" for each visit though this is being interpreted differently within Greece by promoters, sometimes one tour and other times one performance .. advise to check. See link
Please check link carefully as there appears to be an exemption for up to 10 days in any calendar year permit free quote Section 5 "16. for educational, scientific or artistic activities lasting no more than ten working days per calendar year".
NOT a member of the EU but part of the EEA so included for completeness. No permit needed for up to 90 days for musicians (excluding musicians who are due to perform in catering establishments). Notify the Labour Directorate before entry to undertake short-term work.
I've been asked many times about this and although it does not affect UK and EU citizens there is an effect for Visa nationals. If working in the ROI and a visa national you DO need a visa.
Up to 90 days BUT permit required. (Awaiting link)
Up to 14 days no requirement
NOT a member of the EU but part of the EEA so included for completeness. A short-term work permit is needed for up to 12 months.
A visa for work purposes must be obtained before entry.
No permit is needed for up to 90 days for the entertainment industry.
Via local employer. An 'employment license' is required before entry to work.
Max 6 weeks free in any 13 weeks no visa work permit required. No Single Permit is needed in the following situation: Musicians and artists who are going to work (as a musician or artist) in the Netherlands for a maximum period of 6 continuous weeks within a period of 13 weeks. They submit an application for work in paid employment.
Up to 30 days in any calender year are exempt the need for a work permit.
You may work in Portugal without a visa IF you are not paid directly by a Portugese company but if paid directly you will require a "temporary stay visa".
Short term visa required, type C
Up to 30 days in any calender year are exempt the need for a work permit.
Currently unclear for short term work. A single permit is issued for employment and self-employment lasting longer than 90 days.
Currently the exemption for film and TV has been extended to other art forms. See link
Max 14 days in any one year no permit required but must have been invited by established organiser.

Please note legal DISCLAIMER