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Who we are - the team!

You probably wonder who "we" are, this is a private initiative long in planning dependent on what finally happened with Brexit.

A little about us

Ian Smith

Ian Smith

I'm Ian Smith, who has been involved in the arts for over 30 years, having run two music agencies established in 2000 based in the UK with a presence in Vienna Austria for the last 12 years. Dealing with all aspects of live performance work and in the past for 8 years as national chair of one of the UK musician's union sections, also a musician, live sound engineer, and international artist manager working with artists across Europe ( Spain / Ukraine / France ) also working as agent with many renowned grammy winning artists and encouraging new talent from all genres. Worked as an independent promoter also arts centre programmer and occasionally worked with Arts Council England funding, with links to PRS and many international bodies as well as speaking at international music conferences over many years on a range of subjects.

I have also been a UK registered sponsor for COS (certificates of sponsorship UK Visas and Immigration). I have worked with artists from nearly every continent for 20 years. I have a broad experience in Visa Work permits, carnets, and taxation. My aim in creating this project is based upon two things, pure economics for everyone involved to maintain their livelihoods and healthy, vibrant arts and cultural ecosystem across borders. Secondly and as vitally important that an essential human need be fulfilled that of the arts enriching cultures by sharing the arts outside our own countries, increasing understanding and enriching everyone's lives.

I have asked two colleagues I have known for many years and experts in their fields to help with this project, and whose principles and ideologies regarding our mission statement whose ideals are closely aligned with mine.

My colleagues' brief resumes.

Mark Ringwood

Mark Ringwood

Over 40 years of experience in marketing and programming a wide range of the arts in venues of varying sizes from 40 - 1800 capacity, and arts festivals. 47 years' experience as a music agent, tour manager, and promoter. Substantial domestic and international experience in all fields.

10 years' experience of venue management.

7 years weekly broadcasting own show on Spirit FM, 4 years, currently, on The Flash (FM)

Chair of Southern Arts marketing panel.

Committee member for government established Live Music Forum and Managed Migration Taskforce - which oversaw the transition from Work Permits to the present system of Certificates of Sponsorship and represented and subsequently advised on this at many industry conferences.

Grade A Registered Sponsor for Tier 5 'Creative & Sporting' offering advice to the Music Industry.

Founder of Non-Pop, Music alliance, and Modal conferences. Board member of Ulsan international festival (South Korea). Keynote speaker at various music/arts conferences in Canada and South Korea.

Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson

Has been preparing and issuing ATA Carnets since 1987. A background in concert tour and production management; on the road constantly between 1985 and 2001. Within the music industry, long-term clients have included Rage Against the Machine, Skunk Anansie, and Faith No More.

Since coming off the road, I've concentrated on the provision of Carnets and logistical advice to bands, production companies, freight forwarders, photographers and theatre companies.

Has extensive personal experience of moving equipment across international borders worldwide and has strong relationships with the London Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Customs, the US Council for International Business, etc.

Simon Glinn

Simon Glinn

Simon is a cultural enabler with extensive experience in the management and governance of major music venues, theatres, greenfield and urban festivals, and international tour and project management. His recent work has focussed on supporting organisational and project governance and design. Simon has joined the team to lead the development of UK Europe Arts Work's services.

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